Full Services

CEV Consulting & Computime Equity Ventures focus on our clients’ most critical challenges and opportunities by performing a wide range of services relating to: strategy, sales & marketing, operations, channel distribution, executive coaching, equity investing and more. We aid you in identifying weaknesses and areas of opportunity, developing a comprehensive strategy to address both areas, and finally a plan of execution to reach your business goals.

Sales & Marketing Consultation

Optimize your sales and marketing strategy by implementing tactics that generate leads and drive sales. Learn More >>

Strategy & Leadership Consultation

Re-evaluate your business plan with a partner who has clarity of distance and the experience to guide your business forward. Learn More >>

Outsource Talent

Leverage our combined experience, relationships, and custom solutions to build the ideal “employee” capable of meeting needs across the business spectrum. Learn More >>

Equity Investing

Equity investing strategy and expertise to help B2B companies reach their full potential through capital, talent resources, intelligence and funding strategies. Learn More >>

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