Equity Investing

Capital. Resources. Intelligence.

Computime Equity Ventures, the investment division of CEV, provides start-up capital and/or resources to dynamic B2B businesses that have significant potential to grow rapidly through a comprehensive, organized program of sales and marketing services. Our venture capital funds and resources are primarily used by these companies to develop and fund these sales and marketing efforts.


Computime Equity Ventures has crafted various transaction structures based on differing dynamics with each investment opportunity. In its current portfolio, Computime Equity Ventures has creatively used the following investment and cash flow generation vehicles:

  • Common equity ownership
  • Stock options, grants, and warrants
  • Convertible debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Promissory senior notes
  • Reducing revolving credit facilities
  • Royalty payments on sales generated by sales and marketing efforts for a targeted investment return


Computime Equity Ventures looks for companies that fit the following list of qualifications for startup capital and resources:

  • Capital Need: $0 to $5 million
  • Capital needs primarily for sales and marketing services and operational development
  • Profit target of at least $1 million
  • Significant customer acquisition potential
  • Past the stage of the development of the product/service concept
  • Primarily B2B product or service model
  • Location: Midwest Region

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