Outsourced Talent

While there are many reasons why companies decide to use outsourced talent, CEV Consulting sees the below reasons regularly making the top of the list.

  • Distraction from Core Competency – Your team is focused on providing your products, services, and a superior customer experience. Keeping up with the latest strategies, trends, and innovations in the sales and marketing world take time away from building client relationships, improving existing services, developing new products, and ensuring that you are one step ahead of your competitors.
  • Outside Prospective & Expertise – You’ve been running and tweaking your core business for years but haven’t adapted your sales and marketing process in an ever-changing business world and don’t know where to start.
  • Team vs Individual – You know you have to invest in sales and marketing but you don’t have the budget to hire multiple people and can’t find an individual with the skill set and expertise to meet all of your needs.
  • Scalability – Your business sees peaks and valleys in large projects or busy seasons and hiring full-time staff isn’t realistic or required.

By using CEV’s outsourced talent you have access to a wide array of skill sets and expertise when you need that specific skill set or expertise.

If you are setting up a new database you need:

  • Expertise – to evaluate varying platforms; to design a database foundation and framework; to develop data workflow processes specific to each type of user (sales vs operations vs admins); to ensure user buy-in through best practices, ease of use, and training.
  • Skill set – to set up and customize chosen platform to meet your needs while taking advantage of the benefits of the platform; to take current data from current sources, combine, clean, and import it into the new platform; set up workflow customization and automation to enhance ease of use; to document and provide training to users of varying skill level.

The same person likely doesn’t have both the expertise and skill set to complete this project. After the database is set up the maintenance portion of database management begins and requires a different skill set. Instead of struggling to find the right person let CEV Consulting put the right team on the project to get the work done.

These outsourced executives and team members don’t just provide another report on what should be done. They create and implement a growth strategy with high levels of expertise, and work as part of your company’s leadership team aligning company vision, and establishing processes that lead to future growth.

Advantages of Outsourced Talent:

  • Lower total cost/investment than hiring full-time, permanent employees
  • Broader skillset and experience
  • Scalability to accomplish more in less time
  • Fresh insight with an unbiased perspective
  • Laser focus on the objective without disruption

For a fraction of the cost of permanently hiring an executive or additional team members, CEV Consulting can provide seasoned professionals for a short, but powerful period of time or for an ongoing strategy.

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