Hatchbuck Services

CEV Consulting partners with Hatchbuck as our go-to CRM and email marketing platform. With our sales and marketing background and Hatchbuck’s powerful platform, we can provide clients with a wide range of Hatchbuck services to enhance their current efforts or put a strategy in place to start executing.

As a certified Hatchbuck partner, we can provide you the following Hatchbuck services:

  • Database Clean Up – We take your databases in their current forms, clean and combine the data, perform email verification and import the data into Hatchbuck.
  • Initial Hatchbuck Set Up – We customize Hatchbuck to meet your business needs, including: custom fields; status pipeline; tagging strategy, creation and rules; user set up; product lists, and deal statuses.
  • Workflow Processes & Automation – Using your current processes as a starting point, we will outline and implement workflow processes and automation strategies that take data from initial entrance into Hatchbuck through to retiring obsolete data.
  • Training – Once set up of Hatchbuck is complete, we document your database and processes so that we can provide your various teams (sales, marketing, operations, administrators, etc.) effect hands-on-training and documentation so your team can get the most out of Hatchbuck.
  • Email Campaigns – We can provide all aspects of email campaigns from strategy and content creation to template production and segmented sending. In addition to the email campaigns themselves, our team can provide you with an integrated lead generation approach that follows up on those who take action within email campaigns.
  • Reporting – To enhance Hatchbuck’s effectiveness, we help you see and analyze various data points to help you better run your business. Reporting can include: email behaviors, sales rep performance, deal pipeline, task activity, and form submissions.

CEV Consulting provides flexibility when it comes to the different types of relationships we have with our clients. We can provide our services on a project basis, as a part of an ongoing sales and marketing retainer (view a full list of our services here), or consult on the strategy and train your team on the implementation. We strive to be a trusted resources and an extension of your team in whatever form that may take with your specific business needs.

Contact us now for a free 30 minute consultation on how our Hatchbuck services can get your business moving in the right direction.