SlideBatch, a feature product of St. Louis-based Red Cloud Digital, LLC, is a breakthrough web media platform that gives non-technical people and organizations the power to easily, instantly and cost-effectively manage, market and deliver popular media–videos, images, links, files, blogs, audio, and more–from a single solution; either from their website or at It removes the hurdles of dealing with online media in the areas of media management, content marketing, video delivery, rapid e-learning and internet publishing —all burgeoning web areas in need of easy-to-use, quick set-up and affordable web tools and services. SlideBatch levels the playing field by removing all of the complexities and staffing requirements traditionally associated with major IT solutions.

Investment Dates: May 2011 – Present

Biggest Challenge: Lack of cohesiveness amongst management team.

Current Situation: Pivot towards media content hub platform and publisher model.

Services Provided: Business Process Improvement, Collateral Creation, Content Creation, Database Creation & Management, Email Marketing, Fundraising, List Management, Market Research, Video Production.